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Hardware + Software = SiteTraxx = Project Success

Construction relies on the validity and organization of information. SiteTraxx combats the ever-changing nature of jobsite data collection with a proprietary hardware solution seamlessly integrated with a custom, robust software solution tailored to construction projects' unique needs. SiteTraxx incorporates user friendly software and onsite kiosks to eliminate the inevitable human error that plagues jobsite collection of time sensitive data. Quality data combined with robust reporting and data analytics, SiteTraxx is the construction industries' top choice for all project stakeholders.
Fixed Terminal Kiosk
On Your Jobsite

SiteTraxx kiosks easily install at entry and exit points to your jobsite, automate daily data collection and provide access control to your site.

Gatekeeper Tablet
Event Tracking and Notification

Mobile tablet enables gatekeepers and site supervision to carry the power of Sitetraxx’s event capture out onto the jobsite. Log entry/exits of personnel, deliveries, visitors and more.

Any Device Anywhere Access
Live Data Access and Notifications

SiteTraxx’s cloud based software and analytics allow user defined access to jobsite information anywhere from any device.

Cloud Based Administration Console
Cloud Management and Control

Review events, perform data analysis, access and manage your site access and information from any device.

High Quality Self Light Image Capture

Automatic image capture ensures event accountability.

Bilingual and Visual Interface

Intuitive bilingual interface drives seamless data collection.

Live Event Notifications
Stay Connected

SMS text notifications keep you informed of important events (deliveries, visitors, inspections etc.).

Inside the Box
Built to Withstand Your Project Site

Plug and Play Tamper Resistant Durable Box that mounts anywhere.

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