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SiteTraxx is a hardware and software solution for construction daily event and resource tracking, reporting and analytics. SiteTraxx combines cloud based software and proprietary onsite hardware to eliminate the guesswork from construction site reporting, minimize human error in data collection and increase data accuracy while providing valuable data insights for every stakeholder in one platform accessible anywhere.

Increase the operational efficiency of your project from groundbreaking to completion with SiteTraxx. The immediate and accurate reporting that SiteTraxx affords will allow you to spend your time working toward strategic initiatives and less time mitigating risks, missing deadlines and managing workflow.

Employee time management and HR issues plague contractors, prevent accurate estimates and can ultimately affect your profits. SiteTraxx’s unique onsite hardware reduces these issues and provides accountability to every member of the workforce. The easy-to-use onsite system integrates seamlessly with state-of-the-art software to increase your profit potential.

Combat the madness of multiple projects and large employee teams with a tool built to manage project sites of every size and type. SiteTraxx provides an all-in-one platform for tracking everything from labor to daily deliveries and saves your time by integrating that information into the back office.

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